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Mobile Workforce Management and Mobile App Technology

The hallmark of truly effective mobile workforce management is best practice use of mobile and related app technology. On an average, an employee uses around three varieties of devices and at least one of them actually belongs to him. This has changed business priorities to a large extent and in the context of flexible workplaces, this can mean a lot. The basic takeaway is that the IT department of any company will have to work overtime to ensure that all devices are in working order.

If you plan to enhance mobile app working style of your employees here are few things that you need to know. You need to know the popular kinds of devices – in general, the iPhone seems to reign supreme and this is followed by the Blackberry. The iPad is the tablet of choice over all other kinds. One of the constant issues that need to be addressed is that of an app overload. In general there are as many as 216 apps per organization and this goes all the way through the hierarchy of the place. As far as apps go, you will find as much as 61 percent of the company’s portfolio is managed on Windows-based apps, the next in line is that of SaaS apps at 10 percent and then lower down the rung are the mobile apps at seven percent. With time, the diversity of this is bound to expand and we are going to see a combination of Windows and SaaS applications.

What has to be of top concern with any organization is the security of the devices and the data it contains. Despite the propagation of cloud based data management, many companies fear this as well. It is up to the organization to work on improving the security of their devices.

When you want to get the most out of your apps and your mobile work force, there has to be a shift from looking only into the devices to managing the apps and data with it. There should be an inclination towards managing corporate apps and their data.

Every company will have its own IT department which will have to work on a scheme of things to fit the company profile. This will need detailed interaction with the managers as well as those on the field. A clear understanding of requirements will help in getting the most out of the mobile workforce that use mobile app technology to function.

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